Explanation Of X-ray Examination Results?

Good evening, I want to ask my x-ray results … Can you please explain the meaning of the results? Result: Trachea in central Mediastinum superior does not expand Sinus u0026mdash; bleak diaphragm Cast: Large normal, CTR u0026lt; 50% normal Aorta Pulmo: A bronchovasculer pattern is crowdedThe central blood vessels are prominentBones u0026mdash; soft tissue normalImpression: Cast: Within Normal Limits Pulmo: Bronchitis Aspect Thank you.

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Good afternoon, thanks for the question

On the results of the examination that you submit there is one abnormality, namely a busy bronchovascular pattern. Vascular patterns depict bronchial tubes in the lower respiratory tract. In normal conditions, there are only up to 1/3 of the lung from the center. If more than that means it is considered lively patterns.

Increased pattern generally describes the condition of inflammation in the bronchial branches, for example in the condition of bronchitis. Bronchitis is inflammation of one or more bronchi, which can be acute or chronic. This condition can be caused by infection, cigarette smoke, and others. Symptoms that usually appear include fever, coughing, spasms and expectoration of phlegm.

X-ray examination is only an additional examination and is not the only tool for establishing the diagnosis. Therefore the results of these examinations need to be confirmed through existing clinical symptoms and physical examination on the patient.
It is better to do further consultation with the treating doctor to be confirmed with the symptoms that are felt as well as the results of a physical examination to determine future treatment plans.

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