Exposed To Burning Smoke

Illustration of Exposed To Burning Smoke
Illustration: Exposed To Burning Smoke

Good evening, doc. I want to ask: My throat is itchy, not coughing. My body temperature is normal.

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Hello Mario,

Thank you for the question.

Breathing in smoke from burning rubbish can certainly cause the throat to become dry and irritated, resulting in itching. Often, if there are no other complications, itching in the throat due to this condition will improve quickly enough by:

Avoid smoke, dust, pollution, and other substances that can aggravate itching in the throat
Drink plenty of warm water
Don't talk, shout or over-exhale
Eat foods that are easy to swallow, not cold, not greasy, not too spicy
Get more rest
Do not contact with temperatures that are too cold and dry, for example by not using air conditioning or excessive fans, use an air humidifier if possible
Stay away from cigarettes

Does not rule out the possibility, itching in your throat does appear also due to other causes, including viral or bacterial infections (such as the Corona virus that causes COVID-19), allergies, foreign body entry, gastric acid reflux, side effects of drugs, psychological disorders, and so on. Only from brief information like this alone certainly can not be distinguished various conditions above.

In general, if you only feel itching in the throat without any other complaints, your condition is not dangerous. Conversely, if you also feel a high fever for more than 3 days, vomiting, shortness of breath, or if you feel you've been in contact with sufferers / suspects of COVID-19, you better check yourself directly to the doctor or ENT doctor for evaluation and further management

I hope this helps.

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