Extract The Tooth When The Tooth Still Hurts?

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I want to ask you, I’ve been to the dentist and I’ve had my teeth pulled twice at different times.. When it was time to take it out, it was still sedated when the tooth was extracted. .. Why did my tooth hurt when I was about to get my tooth extracted.. I couldn’t stand the pain and finally the doctor stopped me twice for the tooth extraction process and was given medicine to extract the tooth another time for three days. it still hurts when it’s sedated

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Tooth extraction when the tooth is still sore will risk causing profuse bleeding and prolonging the recovery process. When your tooth is still sore, it shows that there is still an inflammatory process in the related tooth, whether it is due to leftover food, instant drinks or due to an infection process at the roots of your teeth.

Therefore, to prevent unwanted complications, your dentist takes the best steps to prevent this risk. Treatment to reduce the inflammatory process is done to help make the process of extracting your teeth easier. Therefore, you should continue this process according to your doctor's plan.

What you need to pay attention to, so as to prevent pain when tooth extraction is:

1. Avoid using alcohol when consuming

2. Avoid smoking if you smoke

3. Avoid instant drinks and packaged instant coffee, whether with creamer or not, whether black or not.

4. Avoid soft drinks

5. Use mouthwash regularly

6. Clean and brush your teeth thoroughly after eating, so that there are no food residues in the cavities or between the teeth

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