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What do you mean by pupil catrops in terms of ophthalmology?

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Hello Mr Heri! Thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

In ophthalmology, there is no such thing as a pupil catrop. Maybe you saw or heard the diagnosis wrong. You should ask again and ask for an explanation from the ophthalmologist who examined the patient. The pupil is the opening in the iris (the colored part of the eye) through which light enters for seeing. The pupil disorder in question may be cat eye syndrome (CES). CES is a chromosome 22 abnormality since birth which is characterized by the shape of the pupil in the eye which is similar to a cat's eye due to a hole in the iris. In addition to eye disorders, patients with CES also experience abnormalities in their ears, heart, and kidneys. Patients can also find cleft lip or palate, crossed eyes, the distance between the two eyes is very far, and a small hole in front of the ear. Handling of CES must be carried out by a team of doctors from various specialists.

Apart from CES, possible pupil deformities include aniridia, leukoria, synechiae, and tearing of the sphincter. Aniridia occurs when the patient does not have an iris from birth and is associated with glaucoma. This disorder is very dangerous. Leukoria are white pupils, usually due to cataracts from birth or retinoblastoma. Synechiae is the attachment of the iris to the cornea or the lens of the eye, usually due to infection. Sphincter tears can occur when an eye is injured.

Pupil abnormalities cannot be treated with a donor eye. So far, the eye donor that can be done in Indonesia is limited to the corneal donor, which is the front part of the eye that functions to refract the light entering the eye (see image below). Discuss again with your eye doctor about the patient's disorder and what treatment options should be taken.

This is the information that I can convey. May be useful.


dr. Selvi

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