Eye And Head Pain Due To Toothache?

hello, I want to ask, my eyes are quite painful and my head hurts a bit because there are broken teeth to the roots, but they have been patched and are safe, but the tooth aches a little and my eyes don’t feel good tight … what medicine I have to drink?

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The condition of pain in the eye can be caused due to several things such as 1. Disorders of the nerves in the face associated with a raft due to dental infections because there can be an infection of the nerves especially when caused by a virus 2. Increased eye pressure this usually appears red eye, nisa aches up to headaches 3. Infection in the eye area can be painful then this condition when it lasts you should consult a doctor especially an ophthalmologist, so that physical examination and support can be done then the diagnosis will be appropriate and the treatment will be appropriate things that should be done so as not to aggravate the situation are 1. Avoid rubbing the eyes 2. Hold the eye in a clean hand condition 3. Avoid using contact lenses first 4. Use glasses especially exposed to pollution

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