Eye Blisters Hit Dust?

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Afternoon. I want to ask that my eyes are blister because I got dust and now there are white eyes like pus. Please take care of the solution before seeing a doctor. Thank you

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First of all, since when did your eyes get stuck in the dirt and when did the vaginal discharge begin to come out? If indeed your eyes have just recently entered the dirt, then you can try to wash your eyes with clean running water. Run water for 15-20 minutes into your eyes, do not rub or rub. If indeed the dirt can not come out, immediately consult your ophthalmologist so that further examination and removal of dirt can be done if the dirt is still stuck in the eye.

If it has been happening long enough, you see an increase in the production of eye discharge with a yellowish or greenish color, your eyes feel pain, vision problems occur, you should immediately consult your ophthalmologist and do not delay. The presence of eye injuries can increase the risk of infection and eye infections must be dealt with immediately so as not to become a scar or scar on the eye that has the potential to cause permanent vision problems in the eye. Eye infections must be treated with antibiotics (unless there is an indication that the eye infection is only caused by a virus or if an eye infection is suspected to be caused by fungus). Eye antibiotics are hard drugs that you should not use before going directly to the doctor first.

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