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,,,, !!! The eye drops for the soup are used after using the soup … Or before using the soup … ??

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Hello Anisa,

First of all, we have to distinguish between the liquid for cleaning the contact lens with the liquid for eye drops when using the contact lens.

General cleaning fluids contain isotonic fluids, buffer fluids (to keep the pH of the liquid balanced), EDTA (agents that bind protein, prevent deposits on the lens, have antibacterial properties), poloxamer (increase the feeling of comfort when the lens is used), surfactants (increase lens moisture, prevents the sticking of oil or other deposits on the lens), protein management agents (prevents damage to the lens), and other antibacterial agents. The fluid to clean the lens is used when the lens is removed from the eye. Cleaning instructions are usually included on each package. This fluid is also used to immerse the contact lenses in place. Not all soflens cleansers can be dropped directly into the eye, because some of the ingredients can cause irritation and stinging in the eye.

While the eye drops when using contact lenses usually contain components similar to tears. Its main function is to restore the moisture of the soft lens, so that it remains comfortable to use. These eye drops can also help clean the dirt stuck to the contact lens that is being used. Usually, eye drops are used after wearing contact lenses. Use it before wearing the contact lens if you have dry eye complaints, so that the contact lens that you want to attach is difficult to stick to your eye.

What needs to be considered when using eye drops for contact lenses are:

Always close the eye drop bottle after use. Do not touch the tip of the bottle to keep it sterile. Pay attention to the expiration date. If there is an allergy to the ingredients of these drops, you should not use them. If there is eye irritation and other excessive reactions, consult a doctor immediately. Hope the explanation above helps.

Dr. Saphira Evani

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