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After the remote check -3.75 but why is it able to read – 2.50?

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The negative sign (-) on the dioptric strength of the glasses lens indicates the type of spherical lens used is a concave lens. Concave lenses are useful for correcting nearsighted refraction disorders. In patients with nearsightedness, the concave lens used is a concave lens with the smallest negative diopters force that can improve the patient's sharp vision. Because to correct nearsightedness, these glasses are not intended to improve the ability to read / see at close range.

Do not hesitate to consult your vision condition to the doctor or eye specialist who gives you prescription eyeglasses. You can have your eyes checked by a doctor regularly to make sure that the glasses you use are still in line with your eyesight.

To enrich insight, you can read articles about refractive disorders. Such is our explanation. Hopefully always healthy. May be useful.

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