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, I had a lump on my left eyelid initially, after which a lump appeared again in my right eye bag. After one week the lump did not go away, I went to a general practitioner, I was given painkillers and antibiotics, but there was no change at all, after 2 weeks I decided to go to a hospital for eye pain, dr. The ophthalmologist said this was a stye, and gave me the eye drops, ointment, and oral medicine doxycycline. And advised me to compress my eyes with warm water 3 times a day. After one week, the lump on my right eye at the bottom got bigger, and my left eye which was originally a lump has now grown again a lump on my eyelid, so on my left there are 2 lumps. Why is this, dr? I felt that the lump was getting bigger due to the frequent compressing of warm water as recommended. Or am I sick? Because I was worried because the lump was getting bigger and growing again.

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Lumps on the eyelids can result from:


Of course, knowing the cause of your lump can only be done by your eye doctor after a physical exam.

A stye is a lump on the eyelid that occurs due to blockage of the tear duct. Blockages can occur due to residual dirt, oil or bacterial infection.

Treatment of stye is using a warm compress so that it can open any blockages that occur accompanied by pious antibiotics that are applied directly to the source of the stye.

If the stye does not improve or increases, this condition will require more extensive treatment, such as:

Lump incision
Marsupialization = cutting the skin of the lump and removing the lump.

Consult your eye condition again to the eye doctor who examined you previously to follow up on your complaints. If necessary, ask for other treatments that can be done for your condition so that you can immediately reduce your complaints.

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