Eye Pain And Dilation Of Blood Vessels?

I want to ask, so my eyes are sore and there are visible red vessels in my eyes .. it’s very visible, but it has appeared recently, I suppose why, and what is the solution. thank you

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Are your eyes red? Is there any visual disturbance?

Dilation of blood vessels in the eye can result from =

Inflammation of the eye. Eye infection. trauma to eye Eye irritation. The habit of rubbing your eyes. Drug side effects. Sudden increase in eye pressure. Of course, the dilated blood vessels need to find the cause so that they can be handled properly and appropriately. The condition of dilated blood vessels should be treated so as not to cause complications of the rupture of these blood vessels.

Immediately consult your eye condition to an eye doctor, especially in the presence of eye pain that you feel. With a careful examination by an ophthalmologist, the cause of the condition can be determined and the doctor can provide treatment.

Avoid rubbing your eyes, use eye drops for minor irritation, cold compresses to reduce discomfort.

I hope this helps.

dr. Yusi

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