Eye Pain, Dizziness And Nausea, Why?

Illustration of Eye Pain, Dizziness And Nausea, Why?
Illustration: Eye Pain, Dizziness And Nausea, Why?

Doc yesterday I fell from the motorcycle then hit an iron pager, then my head was in the eye (because I use glasses) until my right forehead was hit by the pager … it still feels painful and dizzy … sometimes so dizzy that it makes me nauseous like I want vomiting .. that’s why yes doc … is there a medicine that can to relieve the pain. Oia .. And because it’s now spreading corona … will be easily infected or not if I get sick like that ..

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Hello Yunna, Thank you for the question.

Are there symptoms of severe pain in the eye or blurred vision in those eyes? The symptoms that you experience are caused by a collision / head injury and blunt injury to the eye that you experience. Head injuries occur when there is a collision on the head. This injury has the potential to cause symptoms:

sore eyes
bleeding in the eyes (the whites of the eyes appear to bleed)
blurred vision
bruising around the impact

These symptoms can generally improve by themselves within 24-48 hours after the injury occurs. Some suggestions that you should do are:

Limit your physical activity
get enough rest for 7-9 hours per day
keep trying to maintain food and drink intake
apply ice packs on the affected area for 10-15 minutes, repeated 4-5 times a day. Apply this compress for the first 3 days of the day of injury
taking paracetamol in accordance with the rules of use on drug packaging to treat headaches and eyes

The condition you are experiencing does not cause you to be easily infected with the corona virus. Someone becomes susceptible to contracting the corona virus if he has a history of contact with a person infected with the corona virus.

If these symptoms do not improve for more than 3 days and are very disturbing, you can consult with the nearest general practitioner so that the doctor can perform an examination before giving appropriate treatment. If these symptoms are accompanied by severe pain in the eye, visual disturbances, persistent vomiting, confusion, please immediately visit the emergency room of the nearest hospital so that you can be given appropriate treatment immediately.

Hopefully this information helps you.

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