Eye Pain In Children Aged 7 Months?

Illustration of Eye Pain In Children Aged 7 Months?
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At night, my child aged 7 months hurts eyes, just this day, sorry for the literacy is very disturbed, what’s the cure ???

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Does your baby's eye pain cause excessive eye discharge?
Or are there other symptoms such as red eyes, watery, bumps in the eyelids accompanied by pain, the child looking fussy and swelling?
Some eye diseases that can be suffered by young children or babies include conjunctivitis, infection of the conjunctiva of the eye that can be caused by bacterial infections (rubbing) or viruses. Bacterial conjunctivitis often causes symptoms of excessive choking, especially when waking up which causes difficulty in opening the eyes. Whereas viral conjunctivitis is often not accompanied by chokes but triggers excessive tears, red eyes and fading. If the eyelid is swollen, a scar (hordeolum) is one reason.
It is better if you do an examination directly to the nearest doctor or ophthalmologist so that your child's eye condition can be evaluated.
Giving special eye drops for children and eye ointments can help reduce the infection experienced.
Keep the environment clean, by washing your hands after handling a sore eye. Conjunctivitis is an infectious disease whose transmission comes from the environment or objects that are contaminated and accidentally held.
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