Eye Pain On The Right Side Continuously?

Hello Doctor, From July 31, 2019 when I woke up in the morning my right eye arrived flushed, at that time I immediately applied eye drops but it never improved. After two days my eyes started not turning red, but the next day my eyes turned red and itchy every time I used eye drops there was dirt coming out. I changed the eye drops, but it didn’t get better if I woke up, the eye dirt had accumulated in my right eye until it was hard to open my eyes and it turned red and itchy, but the afternoon got better. Today on the 11th of August 2019 I woke up with no eye discharge but my eyes were swollen a little, red and itchy were given medication but my eyes never healed and my eyes were a bit blurry. What pain do I have? how it should be handled. I am not an ophthalmologist because I am afraid it will be expensive. Thank you.

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Assembled complaints that are experienced in the form of dirt in the eye, should be considered and equipped with some relevant information such as since when exactly the symptoms experienced, whether accompanied by pain if the pain lasts for how long, whether accompanied by multiple views or appear to see flashes of light, whether there has been a history of trauma or falls and bumps in the eye, is there a history of eye surgery. Based on complaints made, there are still wide possibilities for diagnosis, some of which are related, i.e.

- Inflammation of the cornea (keratitis)
- Inflammation of the conjunctiva (conjunctivitis)
- Inflammation of the tear duct (dacryocystitis)

Inflammation of the cornea or keratitis is inflammation of the cornea of ​​the deeper layers of the eye from the conjunctiva. This can be caused by viral, bacterial, fungal, or parasitic infections as well as several things related to trauma to the cornea. Symptoms experienced are

Red eyes and pain,
Vision feels blurred and becomes dazzled
Tears or tears from the eyes constantly.
Difficult to open eyes.
The sensation of a foreign body in the eye.

Inflammation of the conjunctiva or conjunctivitis is inflammation that occurs in the conjunctiva or the lining of the lining of the front of the eye. This is caused by infection both due to bacteria and viruses, and in some cases less common due to allergies, parasites, or even fungus. Symptoms of conjunctivitis generally include watery eyes and itching. In infections caused by bacteria are often accompanied by discharge and thick viscous tears, whereas due to viruses the discharge is more liquid. In conjunctivitis most do not cause blurred vision.

Inflammation of the tear duct or dacryocystitis is inflammation of the tear duct. The symptoms experienced are swelling and redness of the eyes bordering the nose. Usually the eyes will feel runny, especially those caused by bacteria will appear pus coming out of the swollen and usually accompanied by pain.

What can be done for treatment at home is

- Clean the eyelids and eyelashes by using cotton and water from a sticky or crusty layer.
- Avoid wearing contact lenses first.
- If the activity is often exposed to dust or smoke you should use protective glasses

Further treatment is tailored to the cause of the inflammation whether it requires treatment with antibiotic drops on the cause due to bacteria or antivirals on the cause of the virus or other causes, so it would be better if further examined by an ophthalmologist to get appropriate treatment.

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