Eye Treatment Minus The Traditional Herbs?

Illustration of Eye Treatment Minus The Traditional Herbs?
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Good night. I want to ask whether the star flower / flower can cure the minus eye? Is it safe or not? Thanks

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Minus the eye is a condition that often occurs. Minus the eye is caused by elongation of the eyeball so that the shadow falls in front of the retina. Minus the eye can occur both in children and adults. Minus eyes cause symptoms such as blurring when looking at objects at a great distance. Minus eyes / myopia are treated using minus lens glasses.

treatment using traditional flowers / other herbs is not medically proven, so it is not recommended to use these flowers for minus eye therapy. In addition, using any medication (including traditional eye drops) can actually make the eyes become irritated and cause infections in the eye.

Therefore, if you really have a minus eye then you should consult a doctor directly, so that the doctor can prescribe the right glasses for you.

The following arithmetic you can read about the minus eye

may be useful. Thank you

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