Eye Vision Examination?

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, my left eye is 35% and right 65% means gimna, then what size lens, please help thanks

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Hello Yuni, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Until now, the results of a visual examination / the ability of the eye to see an object, have never been stated using percentages as you write down but in a comparison such as 6/6, 6/12 or 6 / (so) depending on the results of the examination carried out .

Because the results of the examination that you write are not a writing of the results of a general visual inspection / standard used medically, then the results of your examination cannot be interpreted, so you should ask again to the place you did the examination or the eye specialist where you do the examination to find out check what you do and what the intended results of the examination are.

Likewise for the strength of the lens that is recommended for you to use, it all depends on the results of visual examination and also other eye examinations that you have lived, so it is highly recommended to be consulted further with an ophthalmologist so that the eyeglass lenses are made in accordance with the results of your eye examination.

I hope this helps.

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