Eyes Are Blurry When Wearing Glasses?

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I want to ask, I just wore minus glasses for the first time. But when I wear glasses, the writing that I see is a bit blurry, while when I take off my glasses, the writing is clearly visible. Why is that? Or is the recipe wrong? Previously, I recently checked the eye minus right-left -0.50 but when I checked again on the optics so right -1 left 0.75.

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Hello. Thank you for the question on HealthReplies.com.

There are various kinds of refractive errors in the eye, namely:

Nearsightedness (myopia) is corrected with minus glasses Farsightedness (hypermetropia): corrected with minus glasses Farsightedness due to increasing age (presbyopia): corrected with plus glasses, which are generally the size according to age Corneal curvature disorder (astigmatism): corrected with glasses cylindrical

The purpose of correcting the eye with glasses is to make vision clear, and this will certainly improve the comfort of myopic patients in seeing, reduce physical complaints such as headaches, increase productivity at work and study, prevent worsening of refractive errors, and prevent complications of lazy eye (amblyopia). ) especially for patients who have quite a large difference in refractive errors between the two eyes (for example the right eye -5, left-1, if not corrected over time the eye with -5 will experience permanent myopia even though it has been corrected with an appropriate lens)

In your condition, if the use of glasses cannot make your vision clear and comfortable, on the contrary, it becomes myopic, it is likely that the strength of the glasses you are using is not suitable for your refractive error condition. For this, you should check with the ophthalmologist who prescribed the glasses for you to readjust

The things you can do to maintain eye health are:

Avoid reading in dark places, the letters are too small, and reading too closely (often in a sleeping position without realizing it). Consume fruits and vegetables that are especially high in vitamin A, such as carrots, papayas, mangoes, peppers, etc. Do not stare at the screen for too long. Use the 20 principle, which is to rest for 20 seconds, by looking at objects 20 feet away, every 20 minutes looking at the screen. Get enough rest, which is 7-8 hours a day

That's all the explanation from me. May be useful

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