Eyes Narrowed And Blinded Due To An Accident?

Illustration of Eyes Narrowed And Blinded Due To An Accident?
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Hello … r n Tonight. My name is Nazar, 27 years old. I had an accident. Starting from the accident my eyes began to blur and over time to cause right blindness. R nNow, my eye condition in the black eye is almost white. With my condition like that, can a doctor still be cured …? R nThanks in advance

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Good evening, thanks for the question

Cataract is a condition where the lens of the eye which is usually clear and clear becomes cloudy. Someone with cataracts will see objects like fog. Traumatic cataract is a cataract that occurs due to trauma, both penetrating trauma and blunt trauma to the eyeball.

Symptoms of this traumatic cataract are usually a decrease in vision, glare, or double vision.

In cases of blunt eye trauma, the appearance of cataracts can be delayed for several years. Whereas penetrating trauma to the lens will result in the formation of cataracts quickly.

Indications of surgical management in cases of traumatic cataracts are:

- Severe decrease in vision

- Occurrence of glaucoma

- The tearing of the lens capsule

- Other abnormal conditions caused by trauma and require surgical procedures

Phacoemulsification method can be done if the lens capsule is still good enough. Whereas cataract extraction is needed in more severe cases.

Do an examination with an eye specialist to assess the extent of eye disorders that occur after the injury you experience and what treatment can be done at this time.

That's all, hope you can help

Wassalam, Dr. Farah

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