Eyes That Feel Sore, Itchy And Dry?

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Good morning, sorry to bother me, I am 20 years old. For the past 4 days, my eyes hurt, for some reason it feels itchy, doormats the more they are rubbed the more painful the more water they give to them, then I buy Rohto eye drops but it has no effect at all.

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Eyes that are sore, itchy, and dry (rough) usually indicate an irritation. This eye irritation can be many possible triggers, for example:

Excessive habit of rubbing the eye Foreign objects, such as dust, cosmetics, eyelashes Inappropriate use of eye medications, such as eye drops or eye linings Use of inappropriate contact lenses Exposure to pollution, chemical fumes, or excessive wind Exposure to excessive sunlight, and etc. Irritation of the eyes can make the eyes inflamed, so that eventually it feels painful, itchy, and also dry. Not only that, not a few patients with eye irritation who experience red eyes, watery, feels lumpy, more sensitive to light, and experience a variety of other complaints. This irritation can occur confined to the front of the eye (conjunctivitis) or also to deeper parts of the eye (keratitis, uveitis, endofthalmitis, panophthalmitis, etc.).

In addition to irritation, your complaints can also arise due to other factors, such as bacterial infections, fungal infections or other microorganisms, trichiasis (eyelashes that grow protruding into the inside), acute closed-angle glaucoma, eye injury, and so on.

You should visit a doctor or eye specialist directly at the nearest health facility to detect the possibility of triggering your complaint. The doctor will give you the best treatment tailored to the suspicion that causes your condition. It could also, the doctor recommends you to undergo other supporting tests, such as slit lamps, and so on.

At this time, you can do the following steps:

Stop rubbing your eyes, this action can actually make your eyes drier and inflamed. Put artificial tears on the eyes that feel rough (you can get them at the nearest pharmacy) Not always using excessive cosmetics around the eyes Protect the eyes from intruding foreign objects For example, by limiting out polluted environment, using protective eyewear. Compress the eye with a cold compress or cucumber slices so that the inflammation subsides. Not carelessly use eye medication or contact lenses without doctor's advice.

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