Eyesight In Opaque Parents?

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Blurry vision in the elderly is often caused by presbyopia (old eyes). Complaints due to presbyopia are generally heavy when the patient sees an object at close range or is moderate, then improves when the patient distances the object that he sees (for example by keeping a book away while reading). In addition to blurring, this condition also often makes sufferers more easily experience tired eyes, so that arises pain, aches, runny, until the red eyes that are quite disturbing. Presbyopia is due to hardening of the lens of the eye which is affected by age which causes a decrease in its flexibility. People with diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or heart disease are more at risk of presbyopia.

Not only presbyopia, your father's blurred vision may also be caused by other factors, such as hypermetropia (nearsightedness), cataracts (opacification of the lens of the eye), uveitis (inflammation of the uvea tract), pterygium (the lining of the eye due to excessive exposure to UV light and dry air) ), keratitis (inflammation of the cornea of ​​the eye), glaucoma (increased pressure in the eyeball), and so on.

To detect the cause of his complaint, the right step you need to do right now is, take your father to check his complaint to the doctor or ophthalmologist so that the best treatment is given. Often, if the condition is really caused by presbyopia, the doctor will correct it by giving special glasses so that your father is no longer constrained in activities. In the meantime, remind your father first not to use his eyes in tiring activities, for example reading small print, staring at gadgets, and driving long distances. If the vision feels blurred, do not be rubbed or given indiscriminate medication, just rest for a moment, close your eyes, compress the eyes with warm water, and drop artificial tears so that the eyes feel more comfortable.

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