Eyesight Is Not Clear After Using Glasses?

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assalamualikum, kmren I check my eyes he said my eyes are slimy must be wearing glasses, after I wear it, why is it clear that I see no glasses rather than glasses? and what are slimy eyes?

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Thank you for the question.

Slimy eye is a symptom that is often found in conjunctivitis (inflammation of the lining of the eye) which is usually caused by several things:

Viral or bacterial infections
Foreign object

These things will make the production of excessive tears and mucus come out as the body's response to catch debris or germs that cause it is often felt slimy eyes especially when waking up. Other complaints that can be felt include red eyes, wateriness, itching, burning sensation, can also be accompanied by swelling of the eyelids, and does not cause decreased vision.

If this happens, the doctor will usually suggest things like:

Using eye protection, such as glasses so that the eyes are protected from dust, smoke, debris from the outside environment
Compress eyes with warm water
Don't rub your eyes
Clean mucus / eye fluid with clean disposable tissues
Washing your hands every time you touch a sore eye
Eat healthy and nutritious food
Enough rest
Sufficient fluid needs

For the use of glasses, you should ask which glasses you are using for what purpose, in the case of conjunctivitis doctors usually recommend the use of sunglasses or ordinary glasses (no positive or negative lenses) that function only to protect the eyes. This usually results in uncomfortable vision for the patient because the vision feels more comfortable and brighter without glasses. The use of these glasses should be continued because it protects the eyes from the outside environment. However, if the use of these glasses to improve sharp eyesight, brighter vision without glasses is likely to be caused by inappropriate lens strength. If this complaint is disturbing, do not hesitate to consult with your doctor or ophthalmologist.

Thus, hopefully useful.

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