Face Feels Dry Before Menstruation?

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, I want to ask. Every week before PMS, my facial skin becomes dry, especially in the triangular area of ​​the face. My skin will become red, dry, sore, itchy, and peeling especially on the skin next to the nose. It always happens every month before PMS, but after I experience PMS or Post PMS then the symptoms also stop and my skin is also normal again. Why is that? Am I low on moisturizer or what? And how to overcome it so that the symptoms can be reduced? Because these symptoms really bother me especially when I’m wearing makeup. Thank you

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Female hormonal changes have a role in supporting the female body system in daily activities, ranging from emotions, blood vessels, digestion, skin to sexual matters.

Fluctuating changes in female hormones during the fertile period and before menstruation is a common complaint for most women. Skin complaints that are often encountered include oily or dry skin, acne, sensitivity, redness; all of this can be influenced by the effects of female hormones.

There is a decrease in the volume of fluid from skin cells before menstruation, as well as this redness you may feel periodically, however, you need to control this complaint so that it does not bother you.

Some things you need to pay attention to in your fertile period and before your period related to skin care are:

1. Sufficient water needs 1.5-2 liters per day to maintain skin moisture. You can also increase the consumption of fresh fruit juices

2. avoid your physical fatigue

3. Avoid sleeping late

4. do regular exercise

5. avoid stress

6. Use a natural mask that is suitable for you after work or at bedtime. Use natural masks to prevent irritating effects on your skin

7. Use sunscreen and or sunprotector if your activities are a lot outside the room or you are often in the sun. Use what suits you and don't change brands

However, if you still feel disturbing complaints, you should consult a dermatologist for examination and evaluation of these complaints. The doctor will perform an immediate examination and provide the necessary treatment.

Thus the information that we can convey, also read about skin disorders during menstruation.

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