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Doctor, I use facial treatments, what if we use a face mask in the form of a binahong plant and also facial wash soap from SR12 products, can I? What’s the effect later?

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Hello Salma,

Thank you for the question.

Binahong plant (Anredera cordifolia) is a medicinal plant that is known to have many health benefits, including the skin. According to much literature, this binahong plant has a good function to accelerate wound healing, relieve inflammation, overcome and prevent skin infections, rejuvenate the skin, and also relieve pain.

Unfortunately, how effective the use of this plant as a face mask in obtaining these functions is actually not much researched. In some sensitive people, direct contact between binahong plants can actually trigger allergic reactions or irritation, ranging from mild to serious in nature and requires further medical management. In line with that, there are not many sources that mention the exact composition of the facial soap product you mentioned. Therefore, it is also difficult for us to suspect the potential interaction when used in a time adjacent to the application of a mask from the binahong plant to the skin.

It is better, before deciding to use facial wash soap and any mask, you first check your skin condition to the doctor or dermatologist. Each person, with different types and conditions of the skin, of course can require different facial wash soap and masks. By going directly to the doctor, of course the doctor can recommend you the best type of treatment.

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