Face Peeling And Skin Blackish?

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, I want to ask, my face is peeling off, but now right now when I peel it off, it’s now reddish black. Explanation please??

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Skin peeling usually occurs due to disturbed skin moisture. This condition can arise due to improper skin care, for example frequent rubbing or scratching of the skin excessively, use of skin care products that contain irritants, excessive sun exposure, and so on. Lack of fluid intake, exposure to pollution, hormonal changes, and various other factors can also exacerbate this complaint.

It could also be that the facial skin becomes flaky due to other factors, for example:

Infections of the skin, such as due to fungi, bacteria

Contact dermatitis, such as due to contact with certain chemicals

Seborrheic dermatitis (chronic skin inflammation that causes the skin to become scaly like dandruff)

Psoriasis (a chronic skin inflammation caused by an autoimmune disorder that triggers excessive skin regeneration, making the skin appear thickened, peeling, scaly, and prone to injury)

Xerosis (dry skin), and so on

Excessive flaking of skin can interfere with the normal skin regeneration process. As a result, the skin can experience discoloration, can become reddish, blackish, or even look paler (whitish). Not infrequently, peeling skin will also feel itchy, sore, easy to wound, cracked, and look unhealthy.

This condition should be examined directly by a doctor or dermatologist so that it can be followed up properly. Some topical creams or ointments will usually be prescribed by doctors as initial treatment. However, if the complaint still does not improve within a few weeks, the doctor may also recommend that you undergo other medical treatments, such as chemical peels, photodynamic therapy, and so on.

The following initial steps you can take for a while:

Do not exfoliate the facial skin forcibly
Not handling or scrubbing the skin excessively, especially with dirty hands or towels
Wash your face morning and evening with a moisturizing soap
Use a moisturizer and sunscreen before activities
First reduce the activities that are carried out in the hot sun
Protect skin from exposure to pollution and other irritants
Eat more fruits and vegetables that are good for improving skin health
Drink more
Sleep regularly

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