Face Suppurating After Dermaroller?

Illustration of Face Suppurating After Dermaroller?
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Hello, my doctor is Doni. You want to ask. Why is my face appearing small pus after dermaroller huh? Thank you

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Hello Antonio ...
Thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com, I try to help answer yes ...
Dermaroller is a skin care tool that works to stimulate collagen production, on its surface there are wheels consisting of hundreds of very small needles. Some functions of the dermaroller itself are: shrink pores, control the production of excess oil on the face, disguise acne scars and stimulate collagen formation. Use the dermaroller independently at home, if not with good accuracy, and caution can give your skin problems, one of which is skin irritation, swelling, redness, and feeling sore for several days. If the application is also not accompanied by good hygienity, it will be easier for bacteria to enter your skin that is injured due to the use of the dermaroler. The state of the appearance of small spots containing pus on your face indicates several conditions such as:
- Dermatitis: is an inflammation of the skin, characterized by itchy and dry reddish skin, in serious conditions, fluid-filled wounds can also appear, it could be due to the use of certain substances, allergies or bacteria-exposed wounds
- Acne: generally there are only acne black spots or white asaj, but it can also contain pimples like pus.
We recommend that in this situation, stop the use of dermaroller first, do not use certain external drugs without any advice from a dermatologist, avoid using drugs without BPOM standards. Inadequate intake of nutritious foods, because healthy food can help the healing process of irritated skin, the need for water in the body must also be maintained.
In the meantime, if not accompanied by circumstances and urgent needs, you should rest at home and reduce activities outside the home, to avoid transmission of the corona virus, protect your body's immunity, if there is interaction with people exposed to the corona virus accompanied by complaints of fever of more than 38 degrees Celsius , cough, runny nose until it's hard to breathe, you should check your condition in the hospital so that further tests can be done.
Thus my answer, hopefully it helps.

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