Face Swelling And Redness In Leprosy Patients?

Illustration of Face Swelling And Redness In Leprosy Patients?
Illustration: Face Swelling And Redness In Leprosy Patients? Bing

Will my swollen nose and face be able to return to normal as before. And what if the swellings on the feet and hands can be deflated, including those with swollen red patches? Does stress also affect health and will exacerbate the disease? AC has an effect or not for people who have a disease like me, because I work in an air-conditioned room almost every day. Please explain.

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Hello Sister Nunuy,

Thank you for using the HealthReplies.com service, Continuing the discussion from the explanation about Morbus Hansel in the previous discussion and discussing the complications of leprosy.

Leprosy can cause facial shape disturbances such as changes in the shape of the nose and face due to disorders of the bones, eyebrows and eyelash loss. This is a form of complication that, if it arises and is permanent (such as late treatment or discontinuation of treatment).

Swelling of the skin accompanied by redness or a paler white part, to heal back to normal can occur if taking the drug regularly to completion, generally around 10-12 months of treatment the condition can slowly improve.

Swelling in the joints can occur due to swelling of the nerves, generally swelling can be reduced, but the sensation of feeling in the nerves, joint stiffness can be permanent. Complications that are quite worrying are a decrease in the ability to feel nerves, muscle and joint stiffness which then hampers daily activities.

Stress can affect the body's resistance and the body's response to disease as well as treatment, stress of the mind will reduce the body's resistance, reduce the body's response to eradicate disease with the help of treatment.

Being in an air-conditioned room generally makes the skin dry, in some people it causes body conditions such as fever or weakness and weakness. Generally, AC does not affect skin diseases caused by leprosy and will not make leprosy worse.

Tips to prevent complications of leprosy that cause disability is to take treatment as soon as possible, diligently and regularly to complete treatment. The key to preventing disability and increasing the likelihood of skin, joint and muscle conditions returning to normal is to undergo treatment as soon as possible until complete. Wear footwear and watch out for blisters, blisters on the skin that are potentially infected with bacteria. Eat nutritious food and keep your body clean.

It is understandable that the state of skin problems, especially in women, is certainly very worrying and disturbing, it is advisable to consult the condition of the facial skin with a dermatologist so that an immediate examination is carried out and explain the condition of your disease, namely Morbus Hansen to the doctor.

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