Facet Joint And Schmorl Node?

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I Have MRI Results: Schmorl nodes L-2, L-3, L-4, L-5 and sacrum minimal joint effusion facet joint L-1/2 and L-4/5 left, L-2/3, L- 3/4 left / right and right L-5 / S-1. that means what it is ill this is already my first year to Dr. Dahniel Rizki Siregar, Sp.KFR he only suggested to swim my second to Dr. Kolman Saragih, Sp.S and he also suggested that swimming and physiotherapy have also been physiotherapy for 6 months and 3 months of routine swimming but the results are all zero my questions: 1. Is this disease really can be treated or swimming and this physiotherapy is only temporary pain relief? 2. What is the relationship of my complaint above with the reduced sensitivity of the penis which makes sex drive decrease due to the penis not feeling / sensitive 3. What actions should I do. THANK YOU DOCTOR

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In the spine in the lower back to the hip experiencing abnormalities in the form of schmorl nodes. The Schmorl node is a protrusion of the spinal cushions to the body of the spine. This happens because there is a weakened or degenerated body part of the spine, giving space for the spinal cushions to enter the area.
In addition, facet joint fluid is reduced in most lower back facet joints. This causes the facet joints to become inflamed and a set of symptoms appear in the form of radiating pain, which is called the facet joint syndrome.
The swimming exercises and physiotherapy are treatments to relieve pain symptoms and prevent the disease from becoming more severe. If calmly, physiotherapy and oral medication cannot relieve symptoms, then the doctor will recommend injecting anti-inflammatory medication into the painful facet joint. And if this method is still not able to relieve symptoms, then surgery can be a consideration for you and the treating doctor.
Schmorl node and facet joint syndrome do not cause disruption of the nervous system in the spine. It is best to consult with a specialist andrologist regarding your decreased libido.
Meanwhile, you can compress the spinal region of the lower back to the tail and the surrounding area using a warm compress (wet a towel with warm water). Do swimming with the right techniques and routines.
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