Facial Skin Becomes Red And Sore After Peeling?

Illustration of Facial Skin Becomes Red And Sore After Peeling?
Illustration: Facial Skin Becomes Red And Sore After Peeling? Bing

Look, I just did an acne peel on Saturday night. on monday i exfoliate dry skin without waiting for it to peel off on its own. then my skin becomes red and a little sore. Is that a normal skin reaction or what? explanation please

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Hi Ashilaals,

Acne peeling is a skin peeling procedure (usually using a special chemical liquid) which is intended to treat acne problems. After the peeling action, the skin will experience peeling generally for the next 3-7 days, depending on the type of material used and the level of depth. In this condition the skin becomes inflamed so that redness can occur on the skin accompanied by pain, which is a normal condition.

However, in the exfoliation process, it is actually not recommended to peel the skin manually by hand, because this can trigger skin irritation, exacerbate skin inflammation, and can trigger post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (black marks appear on the skin after skin inflammation). If after exfoliating your skin you experience skin redness accompanied by a stinging feeling, then this condition is probably caused by skin irritation due to manual exfoliation.

We recommend that you stop manual exfoliation and consult this condition with the doctor who treats you. Doctors can prescribe the use of corticosteroid creams to relieve inflammation that occurs. In general, the use of other face creams (especially those that are exfoliating) is recommended to be stopped temporarily until the exfoliation has finished and the inflammation has calmed down.

It should also be remembered that during the exfoliation process it is important to use sunscreen and avoid exposure to the sun or heat exposure (eg hot baths, saunas, exposure to hot steam while cooking) to prevent post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. In addition, it is also recommended to use a gentle facial soap and make gentle movements when washing your face. Avoid rubbing the skin with anything to prevent further irritation of the skin.

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dr. Muliani Sukiman

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