Facial Skin Never Peels Every Time You Use The Cream?

Illustration of Facial Skin Never Peels Every Time You Use The Cream?
Illustration: Facial Skin Never Peels Every Time You Use The Cream? skintreatment.com

Whether it peels smoothly or not, I do the signs that my skin is sensitive or something, because every time I use any night cream product it never peels

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Each person's skin type varies according to heredity and also environmental conditions. especially facial skin. The following are several types / types of facial skin:

1. normal. Normal skin is very easy to care for because the oil tissue production on the skin is balanced.

2. dry. less tissue oil production so that skin moisture is reduced.

3. oily. Oily skin often causes dirt or pollution to stick quickly, so it is easy to develop blackheads and pimples if not treated properly.

4. sensitive skin. skin that has an excessive reaction in the form of irritation or allergies when exposed to such as cosmetics, soaps, sunscreens, and others.

according to your complaint, it may be caused by the use of inappropriate face creams, the condition of the facial skin itself, the weather or the environment, genetics. In choosing facial skin care products, either night cream or morning cream, you have to be more selective and have to identify your facial skin type first. if you are in doubt which skin type you should consult a dermatologist directly in order to get treatment that suits your skin type / type.

to maintain facial skin you can do:

1. Wash your face properly

2. Drink enough 2-3 liters / day

3. Get enough rest

4. regular exercise at least 30 minutes / day

5. consumption of healthy and nutritious foods.

that's my explanation, hope it can help

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