Facial Skin Problems?

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I want to ask, I’m confused with my facial skin, I want to say a combination, but not say dry, not my face, I often have bruntusan and my pores are large, I try to use combination skincare, it turns out it doesn’t even make bruntusan add a lot, according to the doctor, for my skin. I have a large pore skin, not oily and not dry, please help

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Hello Deva,

Combination skin type means that there are 2 or more types of skin on the face, for example the T area (forehead and nose) is oily while other areas can be normal or dry. Usually oily facial skin is more likely to have large skin pores while normal and dry skin tends to be less visible.

As for bruntusan can occur due to a pore blockage, blackheads, milia, irritation to the skincare or makeup used, as well as keratosis pilaris. If you try new skincare then more and more bruntusan, skincare should be stopped first.

Some facial care tips that you can do at home, namely:

 Clean your face in the morning and evening before going to bed with a hypoallergenic and gentle facial wash on the skin. Do not squeeze bruntusan. your hands can choose skincare with salicylic acid content. Keep using moisturizers, can choose water-based or gel-shaped. If the tips above stubborn remain difficult to overcome, you can consult further with a dermatologist so that you can be given maximum care, yes.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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