Factors Affecting The Failure Of Medical Check-ups?

Hello, I want to ask. I have a lump in my breast and now it is getting better, but there are still lumps. Yesterday I was finished working for my work, can I pass? R nWhat are the things that make a failure on your test for work? R nThank you.

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MCU (medical check-up) can be done for a variety of purposes, ranging from knowing one's health status in general, preparation for marriage, as one of the feasibility tests for admission to a particular agency, and so on. On the basis of these varied objectives, the procedures performed and the standard of good or bad results of an MCU can also vary and cannot be generalized. Therefore, you need to clarify first, what work will you apply for while undergoing the MCU? What are the regulations made by the organizing institution of the MCU? What checks did you undergo while at the MCU? And, have you seen a doctor to find out the cause of a lump in your breast?

Lumps in the breast can have various causes, such as:

Skin tags (excessive skin growth that is triggered by repeated irritation)
Breast skin infections (eg folliculitis, warts)
Benign or malignant tumors (for example lipoma, cyst, fibroadenoma, sarcoma, Paget's disease)
Lymphadenopathy (enlarged lymph nodes)
Keloid (excessive scar tissue formation after injury or inflammation), and so on

If the lump in your breast does not appear to be enlarged and has improved, chances are that your condition is not dangerous. Dangerous conditions you should be aware of if lumps appear that do not go away or diminish for a long time, their consistency is hard, rough, firmly attached to the base, causing changes in the structure of the skin (eg rough, hollow), causing abnormal discharge from the nipple (eg blood or pus ), or accompanied by a variety of other complaints, such as swelling, severe pain in the breast, to drastic weight loss for no apparent reason.

Depending on the type of work you will carry out later and the regulations made by each of the MCU's organizing institutions, a lump in your breast may have an effect on your breakthrough, maybe not. As for the things that can make a failure at the time of the MCU can vary greatly depending on the factors mentioned above.

Therefore, it is far more appropriate if you ask this directly to the doctor who performed the MCU to you or to the provider to get the right answer.

Hope this helps ...

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