Factors Causing Weight Loss In Infants Aged 4 Months?

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Hi .. r nI want to ask. My baby from the beginning of birth, his body weight always went up even though every time he drank breast milk, he vomited a lot … but when he was 4 months old, my baby’s body weight went down … so continued until he was 6 months old … red but every month her body weight doesn’t grow or increases but at 6.3 kg starting from the age of 4-6 months 😢 r nDn my baby now I introduce mpasi at the age of 5 months but he still still vomits … and that continued until now the age of 6 months .. r n What is the cause, huh? r nWhat is it because I gave him breast milk and supportive for a baby because of my lack of milk production?

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Hi Kim, thanks for the question for HealthReplies.com

A baby who does not gain weight can be caused by many possibilities, the following are some of them:

Food intake or insufficient doses of formula milk (for example, formula is too thin) the quality of the food is not good (for example, babies are given foods that are low in calories, too much fluid) there is an allergy to milk or food given by the child having certain diseases, for example tuberculosis infection, hyperthyroidism, chronic diarrhea, cystic fibrosis there are problems with the baby's digestion (eg gastrointestinal infections, deficiency of certain enzymes, GERD, obstruction in the digestive tract)

Your child's weight that has not gained or even decreased for 2 months, as well as the vomiting symptoms that occur with each feeding and drinking require immediate evaluation and management. Therefore, it is better if you immediately bring your child to see a pediatrician. Leaving a child in this condition can cause growth and development problems, especially it can interfere with the child's brain development.

In cases such as your child, the doctor will ask more about feeding and drinking, portions, types of food given, other symptoms experienced by the child, history of pregnancy, childbirth, vaccinations, child development, certain diseases in the family, and so on. . The doctor will also perform certain examinations such as blood tests, Mantoux examinations, or other examinations deemed necessary.

Meanwhile, you need to ensure the following:

Make sure your child is getting enough water to prevent dehydration. If the child vomits every time he is given a drink, give him a little drink, but more often. Position the child in a slightly bent or tilted position when the child vomits (do not lie on his back). Try to provide quality solid food, add oil (such as new cooking oil or EVOO) to help gain weight. Just like giving a drink, try to give a little, but more often.

So much information from me, hopefully it will be enough to answer

dr. irna cecilia

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