Factors That Affect Osteoporosis?

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Hi, I want to ask why environmental factors affect p. Osteoporosis? And what are the complications of osteoporosis if not treated properly?

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Osteoporosis, or better known to the common people as bone loss, is a condition in which bone density is significantly reduced, causing it to be weak and prone to cracks or fractures. This condition can occur when the formation of new bone cells is not able to compensate for the damage to old bone cells.

Several factors, as described below, can increase your risk of developing osteoporosis:

Unmodifiable factors; the risk of osteoporosis increases in people of the female sex, elderly, Asian race, white people, have a family history of osteoporosis, people with small body
Hormonal conditions; the risk of osteoporosis is increased in women with low estrogen levels (for example after menopause or when undergoing hormonal therapy for breast cancer), men with low testosterone levels (for example when undergoing hormonal therapy for prostate cancer), people with hyperthyroidism, and also people with hyperactivity of the parathyroid glands and adrenal glands
Nutritional intake; the risk of osteoporosis increases in people who lack calcium intake, including due to low calcium in the food or drink consumed, experiencing eating disorders (such as anorexia or bulimia), or who have also had gastrointestinal surgery that causes impaired calcium absorption
Medicines consumed; the risk of osteoporosis increases in people who take steroid drugs, anti-seizure drugs, anti-GERD, chemotherapy, or also post-organ transplant drugs
History of illness; increased risk of osteoporosis in people with celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, kidney disease, liver disease, cancer, lupus, multiple myeloma, or rheumatoid arthritis
Lifestyle; the risk of osteoporosis increases in people who are accustomed to living a sedentary lifestyle (lack of movement, lazy exercise, too much sitting), consuming alcohol, and also smoking

Need to clarify, what kind of environmental factors do you mean that can influence osteoporosis? How do you know this connection? Is it from a doctor's statement or reading from certain sources?

In general, there is no specific association between osteoporosis and environmental factors other than those described in our explanation above. However, if what you mean by environmental factors is related to lifestyle, then clearly this condition does have an effect on increasing your risk of developing osteoporosis. The mechanism can be related to impaired calcium absorption, suboptimal deposition of calcium and other minerals in bone, increased bone cell degradation, and so on.

Osteoporosis needs to be detected and treated early. If treatment is late, osteoporosis sufferers will be more susceptible to fractures. Depending on which bone is broken, the condition can be mild, but it can be dangerous to potentially life threatening.

Can our answer solve your curiosity? If not, we recommend that you clarify again the entry of your question. Or, for more details, you can also consult directly with the doctor closest to your domicile.

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