Factors That Cause Irregular Menstruation?

Hello good afternoon, I am Tia aged 25 years and not married. I experienced late menstruation, last February even though I already felt the characteristic signs of menstruation will come like a rather sore or sensitive breast, a bit sore waist, etc. and after that I went to see an obstetrician and I was on ultrasound. the results are okay, the doctor just said my uterine wall was thick for a while longer but menstruating on one side the doctor also said my egg is small. and the doctor prescribed me drugs 50 mg Inlacin and Norelut. Inlacin is taken once a day, and I also drink Norelut once a day. I should take Norelut how many tablets a day so I have my period? because the doctor’s explanation was somewhat unclear, because I bought the medicine outside the hospital. Thanks in advance.

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Late menstruation can occur due to various factors, which of these factors, most of which actually originate from everyday life. Among others are:

 Overweight or underweight Increases and falls too drastically Smoking both active and passive Fatigue or too much activity Lack of sleep Stress or mental pressure Being on a diet Program consuming too much oily and fatty food Sports too extreme Using hormonal contraception Thyroid hormone disorders Hormone disorders womanhood So it is important for you to also evaluate your lifestyle for the last few times, whether you are lacking sleep, fatigue, stress, eating less nutritious foods, or others that might contribute to your menstrual irregularities. The step you checked with your obstetrician is right, but besides taking the medicine, you also have to maintain a healthy lifestyle by avoiding the factors above.

Regarding the dosage of the drug itself, unfortunately we cannot deliver through this forum for fear of acceptance errors. However, you yourself have trouble understanding what your doctor means when you are dealing directly with him, so our potential to cause misunderstanding is certainly greater. Even if the message is conveyed well to you, since this answer is accessible to everyone, we cannot be sure that the acceptance of other people who also read this answer is the same. Then we cannot convey it to you, besides we also do not have you checked directly to determine the dose.

The solution we can recommend is to take the medicine to the nearest pharmacy or health center, and ask for the rules of use written by your doctor at the pharmacist. That way misunderstandings can be avoided, and it would be even better if you could revisit your doctor's office before. While you still have doubts, don't need to be consumed first, and just focus on improving your lifestyle. So, hopefully answering your question.

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