Factors That Influence The Occurrence Of Pregnancy?

Illustration of Factors That Influence The Occurrence Of Pregnancy?
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1. What frequency of intercourse affects pregnancy? How much influence. Doesn’t pregnancy occur if fertilization is successful, namely at the time of ovulation only? Make it possible that it happens only once a month huh? R n2. Then does the female orgasm also play a role in the conception process?

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In women, egg production will only take place once in each menstrual cycle. These eggs are produced in the ovaries (ovaries), and after they mature, the eggs ovulate (burst) and are released into the uterus. The occurrence of ovulation in women with normal and regular menstrual cycles is about 14 days before the next scheduled menstrual period arrives. In the process of the egg's passage to the uterus, when a sperm cell enters and meets the egg, fertilization and pregnancy can occur.

Every time you ejaculate, a man can produce sperm cells in the tens or even hundreds of millions in number. However, of the many sperm cells, only 1 sperm cell can fertilize an egg. The possibility of conception is greatest when it is done around the time of ovulation (not only when ovulation occurs), which is about 5 days before and 5 days after ovulation. Why is that? Because, after being ejaculated into the female reproductive organs, sperm cells can last 1 to 3 times 24 hours in the uterus as long as the environmental conditions are favorable. During this time, many sperm cells are unable to survive due to the acidic condition of the uterus. So, the more routine you have sexual intercourse around the time of ovulation, the more sperm cells that may enter the uterus and be able to survive. That way, the greater the chance of pregnancy.

However, this does not mean that for those who are planning a pregnancy, sexual intercourse should only be done around the time of ovulation. Especially in women whose menstrual cycles are irregular and abnormal, of course it will be very difficult to predict when ovulation is likely. In cases like this, having sexual intercourse regularly every 2 to 3 days can be a solution to trying to get pregnant.

There is no direct link between female orgasm and potential pregnancy. However, with women ejaculating, more vaginal lubrication can be produced. This lubricating fluid is also useful in facilitating the movement of sperm cells to the uterus.

That's the explanation from us. For more details, you can consult directly with an obstetrician or read the following articles:

The process of fertilization

Planning for pregnancy

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