Fainted After Falling From The Chair To Break Out In Cold Sweat?

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That night I was Hisham, chronologically, the middle finger of my right hand hit the corner of the table (because it was pushed by my knee) after that, in less than a minute I felt dizzy. After a headache I was unconscious then I was woken up by my friend, who initially I sat in a chair after I realized I was on the floor and can’t remember anything like a dream. Also, my forehead was sweating cold after about 1 minute of being conscious. Why is this? Does this indicate a serious symptom? Thank you for your attention.

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Fainting is a temporary unconscious episode. Lasts a few seconds. After he woke up, he became confused because he didn't know what was happening. Can be caused by:
1. Autonomic nervous system malfunction. The autonomic nervous system is a nervous system that regulates bodily functions automatically, such as heart rate. Mal this function can occur due to pain stimulation that occurs suddenly, stress, standing for too long, laughing and sneezing.
2. Sudden drop in blood pressure, occurs when the position of standing suddenly from before in a lying or sitting position. This decreased blood pressure will cause a temporary decrease in the supply of blood flow to the brain, until adjustments by the body occur. This body adjustment or compensation will take place as soon as possible.
3. Due to serious illnesses such as heart problems and seizures. Usually fainting will last longer than it should.
If you experience a faint lasting less than 2 minutes, you can calm down. For the future, do prevention by avoiding the originator. You can immediately lie down or sit down if your body feels uncomfortable. Avoid changes in position made with fast movements. Avoid eating late. Inadequate body's need for fluids, by drinking water at least 2 L a day.

If you are in doubt and worry about your condition due to seizures, you can consult a neurologist. The doctor will do a nerve check and record the brain's electrical conductivity.
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