Fainting And Post-hitting Spasms On The Head?

Hello, I am 20 years old. So 3 days ago I fell off the motorcycle, and my head hit the asphalt. According to my husband’s confession, he said I was unconscious and having a seizure. But my husband did not take me to the hospital because of the great distance to the hospital. Then I was only brought home. Until now, the head was a lump the size of an egg and my head was dizzy and sore. Here I ask the doctor for advice, what should I do? Thank you

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Head injury is a condition where there is a collision in the head that can potentially cause interference with the brain. Head injuries themselves are divided into three namely mild, moderate and severe head injuries.

In general minor head injuries, you will feel pain in the part of the head that has been injured for a few moments to several days, injuries generally do not cause damage or disturbance to the brain. In more severe injuries pain can be accompanied by accompanying symptoms such as nausea, vomiting spurts, weakness of the limbs, even to the continuing decline in consciousness.

In the meantime what you can do include:

 Compress cold with cloth wrapped in a towel or towel on the head that is not bumping or massage the head section that does not hit Do not press or manipulate bumps on the head Sleep and rest enough Keep the intake stay healthy and nutritious Consume a lot of water Avoid the use of gadgets for a long time Avoiding collisions If you are worried you should check with your nearest neurologist for further examination and treatment related to your condition. And if necessary, medical support can also be done in the form of medical support in the form of a CT scan of the head if there are indications of medi that are found by the doctor who treats you.

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