Fainting Is Often Accompanied By Stomach Ache And Shortness Of Breath In People With Stomach Acid?

Two days ago I had passed out several times every time I was conscious and always fainted again but after being examined, the doctor said his stomach and no need to be hospitalized, but my family felt strange seeing my condition that was already unconscious instead told me to under the Sampang signpost now my stomach still sore, and chest pain is difficult to breath whether the symptoms that I experienced were harmless

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Hi Amiie,

If you still feel that you have symptoms that you feel are disturbing, please consult with your doctor. The doctor will assess later, overall whether you really need treatment with hospitalization at the hospital, or just rest at home.

In many cases, complaints that cannot be submitted directly by sufferers are one of the causes of the lack of treatment than they should, in addition to the need for priorities for other inpatient cases.

Stomach ache, difficulty breathing, and easy fainting can be caused by:

Lack of food intake and cause hypoglycemia
Gastrointestinal disorders, for example: gastric acid disease, gastritis
Disorders of the ducts and gall bladder

Dangerous or not the conditions that you mentioned above, will be seen when doctors and medical examiners later. In general, this condition is not too dangerous. But still need to be considered and completed treatment later.

Thus the explanation, hopefully it helps

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