Fainting, The Body Is Out Of Balance After A Head Injury?

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Hello doctor, I want to ask about what I’m experiencing right now. Sorry if maybe my story is rather intimate huh. I was worried about my condition, yesterday I had a big fight with my husband and my husband was very temperamental. Until the peak of my problems such as loyalty and I beat my own head, I was really not aware of what I was doing until my husband tried to stop me. And not long after I passed out about 5 minutes. When I regained consciousness and was about to walk to the toilet, I felt strange about my body. I walked on my side and my legs seemed to be unable to walk perfectly, and my head automatically hurt when touched and I felt dizzy but had no nausea or vomiting at all. The next day when I walked in the office suddenly slammed to the left.

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Hello, tikadindra, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Fainting, unbalanced body, can be caused by several possible causes:

1. Bleeding inside the head / brain, can be due to a bleeding stroke, head injury (both due to impact, sharp injury, etc.)

2. Decreased oxygen supply to the brain, can be caused by stroke, dehydration, low blood pressure, anemia, etc.

3. Hypoglycemia / low blood sugar levels

4. Electrolyte imbalance

5. Heart disorders

6. Epilepsy

7. Brain swelling

8. Psychological stress

9. Etc.

To determine the exact cause, a more complete examination by a doctor is needed. If necessary, the doctor will carry out investigations such as CT scans, complete blood tests, heart records, etc. depending on his suspicion. Treatment depends on the cause and severity.

You should check this condition with your doctor first if you have a history of fainting, unbalanced body, weakness in the body next door, there is a history of chronic diseases (for example: high blood pressure, diabetes), vision problems, nausea / vomiting, seizures, or if the condition persists for several hours . In addition, calm your thoughts and feelings so that the conditions for the better. To reduce headaches, you can take paracetamol and get enough rest.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.


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