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Good afternoon, doc, I want to ask why every time I rub my hands with anti-septic, my hands are hot like I want to burn my skin

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Hello yuli

Thank you for asking

burn senation on your skin is caused by anti-septic which may contain alcohol which will actually damage the skin and is also flammable. especially if it is used excessively. indeed, not everyone experiences complaints that you experience because they have different skin sensitivity. maybe you can't stand the antiseptic content.

if this is sustainable it can cause rashes on your hands such as blistered, dry and itchy or sore skin. These can be mentioned symptoms of contact dermatitis due to contact with irritants or allergic to the substance.

My advice is you should stop using anti-septic with these ingredients, you can wash your hands using soap only because it is more effective or use an antiseptic that contains non-alkhol ingredients if you are far from water. Also be diligent in using a moisturizer so that your hands don't dry out. avoid using alcohol-based antiseptics when you start a fire because it can burn your hands.

Thus the info I can give

hopefully can help you

thank you

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