Fall Injury From A Motorcycle?

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Last night, I fell off the motorbike and was bandaged by the local hospital doctor and my wound was given medicine like a pink sponge. After this morning I woke up my bandages suddenly turned red, now the red color has spread to a greater extent. Is this normal?

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Need to clarify, how big was the wound that you suffered before? Is there sewing? Or just regular wound care?

The wound after falling from a motorbike can vary in size, it can be small or it can be extensive. Likewise with the depth of the wound, its cleanliness, and the extent to which it causes tissue damage to your body. The treatment for fall scars can also vary, depending on the condition of the wound.

If after the fall you only received regular wound care, without suturing, then your wound is likely to be minor, small in size, and superficial in depth. This condition can generally improve within a short period of time as long as you treat the wound properly.

The appearance of reddish color from the bandages used to cover the wound may be caused by bleeding in the wound. This bleeding needs further evaluation, whether it continues continuously, or is it only temporary due to minimal tearing of blood vessels after falling.

Try changing your bandage with a new dry sterile bandage.

If the blood stops, you don't need to worry about this condition. You just need to put pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding. Also consume medicines prescribed by your doctor and do regular wound care as taught by your doctor. Avoid giving drugs or additional handling to your wound unless as directed by your doctor.

However, if the blood continues to flow out in large quantities, you should check your wound again to a doctor or surgeon. Thus, the doctor can conduct an immediate evaluation, whether there are certain actions that need to be done to stop the bleeding, for example by suturing or administering other drugs.

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dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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