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At night, I want to ask. The chronology on Saturday, March 9, I fell on the bed, so I usually use a bed or a mattress, but that day was moved to the floor because I have another baby who likes to roll. sitting with his back to the mattress but instead fell on my back on the mattress, after the incident my chest was painful, for the movement from sleeping to sitting or vice versa was painful, to sneeze or cough even hurt, i guess why? Oh yes, about 4 days ago I was sorted but the massage worker didn’t dare touch the chest with the reason I was blushed and was afraid of the wrong sort of nerve in the chest so I just touched it slowly. Wait for the answer, thank you

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Hello Umalia,

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Falling out of bed in a supine position in adults is often not a dangerous thing. The pain in the chest that you feel is most likely to occur due to post-impact muscle cramps which will generally improve in a few days enough with natural treatment at home. The condition of you who are breastfeeding, where breast cells are proliferating very well accompanied by increased milk production, can also aggravate the pain in your chest.

Pain in the chest after falling supine position should be suspected dangerous if:

Pain appears with great intensity, does not improve with warm compresses or uses regular painkillers Pain appears accompanied by shortness of breath, asymmetrical chest shape, open sores around the chest, coughing up blood, or vomiting of blood Chest pain does not improve in more than 1 week , instead it is burdensome Are there any of the above danger signs that you experience? If there is, you should check yourself directly to the doctor or surgeon. It is feared, the injuries you have experienced before are severe enough to cause serious damage to your chest components, for example causing fractures or other internal organ injuries. With a direct doctor's examination, the potential for other diseases that can also trigger chest pain (eg gastritis, pleurisy, bronchitis, pneumonia, peptic ulcers, GERD, fibromyalgia) can also be identified properly. For cases that are suspected of being severe, often, the doctor will also recommend additional examinations, such as an x-ray or ultrasound,

We do not recommend that you massage or massage carelessly parts of your body that were previously injured. If it is not based on qualified knowledge relating to the anatomy and physiology of the body, this action can be very dangerous and trigger more severe organ damage.

It's best to first resolve your complaint by:

Compress chest pain with warm water. Get plenty of rest. Keep breastfeeding your baby. Always wear comfortable, not tight clothes. Eat more regularly. Don't worry too much. Don't get too much physical activity. Stay away from cigarettes.

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