Fallen Epileptic Baby?

Illustration of Fallen Epileptic Baby?
Illustration: Fallen Epileptic Baby? epilepsy.com

nI have siblings nBaby 6 months old n 4-5 months old diagnosed with epilepsy from hsl eeg nOAE consumption nAt the age of 6 months the baby has not focused on seeing, holding not able to, sitting upright and lying still cannot. what about apart from physiotherapy? Thanks

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Epilepsy or often called epileptic disease. It is a condition in which there is an interruption of electrical conductivity in the brain, which can cause seizure symptoms. To determine the diagnosis of this disease, it is necessary to carry out a series of tests that can support the diagnosis and rule out other possible causes of seizures. Some of the causes are unknown, as well as due to certain things such as head injuries, tumors, or brain blood vessel disorders. A person with epilepsy in his treatment needs anti-epileptic drugs to control and prevent seizures / seizures. Drugs must be taken regularly to prevent seizure seizures from appearing and the duration of drug use is 2 years seizure free. The condition of recurrent seizures or epilepsy can indeed cause disturbances / damage to the brain or brain nerves so that development and learning disorders often occur, especially if seizures or epilepsy have occurred in childhood. For handling your sibling's condition, patience is needed in educating and teaching him because there are indeed effects from post-seizures so that brain development can be slow, it is necessary to do exercises with the medical rehabilitation section or routine physiotherapy, including speech therapy. For handling it is better to consult further with a pediatrician, as well as further examination for eye health to an eye specialist. Handling of children with epilepsy does need routine anti-epileptic medication treatment as well as routine physiotherapy needed to help develop gross and fine motor skills.

Here's an article that you can read about epilepsy

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