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My doctor ass gave birth in the uk 30 weeks. My child is 4.5 months chronologos. Already checked ROP and OAE and the results are good. But until now, my baby hasn’t responded when spoken to. Not even a smile. Even though he was already sensitive to sounds and was willing to follow the object in front of him. Is this condition still normal with his age or is there a type of baby who is lazy to chatter. Thank you

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Thank you ma'am, for asking HealthReplies.com. I will try to answer your questions regarding the development of premature babies.

For premature babies, the measure of development is by counting, the distance between the age of birth and the estimated day of birth (HPL).

For example, a premature baby with the current age of 5 months, while the age at birth is 8 weeks earlier, then the actual age of the baby is 5 months minus 8 weeks, it is found that the actual age is 3 months, so the measurement of the baby's development is equivalent to that of a baby. 3 months.

Indeed, babies born prematurely or born prematurely have a risk of growth and development that must be watched out for, so it is necessary to do several tests to rule out these risks, including:

Hearing and sight. Hearing loss will be at greater risk in premature babies with birth weight less than 1.5 kg. Because it is caused by abnormalities in the peripheral or hearing center or both can occur, causing loss of hearing power. Visual disturbances due to the risk of possible detachment of the retina in the eye are so great, because premature babies have a very fragile retina so that if there is even a slight increase in pressure on the blood vessels in the eye it can cause the retina (center of vision) to detach and lead to blindness. Language skill. In many studies it has been found that premature babies with less or enough birth weight will experience language development disorders, especially for the early years of babies born prematurely. psychomotor and behavior. It was found by researchers who conducted research on children with premature birth, that children with a history of preterm birth had less motor skills, and had a tendency to behave hyperactively, more impulsively, less concentration, and less persistence in cognitive abilities. Occurs and appears at school age, where cognitive abilities are lacking due to language disorders, lack of ability to concentrate on one thing, and weakness in visual motor and spatial intelligence. Disrupted emotional development can cause a child with a history of premature birth to have many problems with teachers or peers. so to prevent all these risks, you should follow the advice of a pediatrician to carry out various kinds of examinations and tests that should be done.

4 examinations that must be done for premature babies include:

Chest Rongten: to determine the development of the baby's lungs, thus avoiding the risk of respiratory problems. ROP: to determine the development of the retina. For babies born less than 30 weeks, the ROP is performed 4 weeks after the baby is born, while for babies born above 30 weeks, the ROP is performed after 2 weeks of birth. OAE: to determine the function of the baby's hearing. Ultrasound of the head: to rule out the possibility of head bleeding in premature babies, which is common and dangerous, performed in the early weeks of birth. So, to assess whether there is a problem with your baby, beforehand you can evaluate your baby's real age with the calculation formula as above, then cross-check it with the same age in term babies. And an even more precise step is to be re-consulted with a pediatrician to confirm whether other additional examinations are needed or need other snacks.

So, hopefully this is useful.

dr. Ciptanti

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