FAM Operation For More Than 2 Months Is Still Out Of Pus

Illustration of FAM Operation For More Than 2 Months Is Still Out Of Pus
Illustration: FAM Operation For More Than 2 Months Is Still Out Of Pus

Malem Doc, I want to ask on the 22nd of January then I had FAM surgery, 1 week later my stitches came out pus + blood, until the 29th of February I still went to the doctor because I was still removing pus u0026amp; blood. date 3 April the seams open again u0026amp; pus comes out and also feels painful. Near the seams arise like bruising. Why hasn’t my surgery recovered yet, doc? Even though it’s been over 2 months. Do I have enough independent care at home or should I consult with Dr again?

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Hello Mai,

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Surgical scars that do not heal can be caused due to several factors that affect. I will try to explain, several possible causes that occur, namely:

lack of oxygen intake, wounds generally require oxygen supply carried by the blood, if the blood supply is lacking and not good, then the wound healing process is hampered.
lack of nutrition, nutrition eaten by sufferers is very influential in wound healing, especially nutrition for protein. People who have had surgery will be advised to consume lots of foods high in protein, for example: at least 5 egg whites, cork fish, or seafood and nuts.
there is an allergy to the thread, some people have a thread allergy, so that when suturing the wound cannot close completely.
the occurrence of bacterial infections in the wound, causing pus and blood. Infection occurs due to lack of hygiene, lack of cleanliness and irregular control that can cause injury to be carried by bacteria.

Based on what has been explained, maybe you experience among the 4 causes. Handling must be in accordance with the causes experienced, for example nutrition must be fulfilled properly, and if an infection arises it should consume antibiotic drugs prescribed by a doctor, as well as carry out routine balu replacement treatment, so that infection does not easily occur. You can come to the doctor for treatment of wounds, after that you can do treatment at home with the doctor's direction.

May be useful. Always Healthy 😊

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