Hello doctor, I have a question. Can the scars of surgery be detected on x-rays? nAnd if detected, what tips can you do to get away from MCU?

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With proper handling, post-FAM surgery (mammary fibroadenoma), the external wound from the surgery will generally heal within 1 to 3 weeks. Once healed, the wound on the skin will be replaced with scar tissue so that it closes completely. In some people, this scar tissue growth can occur excessively to form scars or keloids. Although it can seem bothersome, this condition is generally not dangerous.

X-rays are performed using x-rays to evaluate the 2-dimensional image of internal organs. X-rays of the chest area are generally performed to evaluate for disorders of the lungs, heart, bones, esophagus, and surrounding organs.

In general, FAM surgery scars will not cause significant abnormalities when a chest X-ray is taken. However, if the scar tissue growth on your scar is quite noticeable, it may be that this will give rise to special signs during the X-ray examination.

Depending on what indicators will be assessed from the results of your MCU (medical check up), the purpose of the MCU examination, and for what purpose it is done, it seems that this surgical scar tissue can significantly affect the results of the examination, but it may not. There is no specific way to prevent this scarring from appearing to be.

Therefore, the wise step that you need to take right now is to consult directly with the doctor who carries out the MCU. Bring out your previous medical history who have had surgery, and ask whether the scar will affect your breakout in the MCU or not.

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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