Family Planning Pills?

Illustration of Family Planning Pills?
Illustration: Family Planning Pills?

Hello, I want to ask if I have taken the pill mycroginon, then I want to replace the pill Yasmin, can I drink it straight or wait 7 days?

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Hi Erni,

Thank you for asking

The two types of birth control pills that you mentioned are both combination pill types. This combination birth control pill has an active composition of the hormones estrogen and progesterone synthetic. Consumption of birth control pills is ideally not done independently, but must be preceded by examination and direct supervision of a doctor. Because, not everyone is right to use this type of birth control pills. Inappropriate use of birth control pills is very risky to cause negative effects on health, including allergic reactions, digestive disorders (such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps), bleeding disorders (such as prolonged menstruation, irregular menstrual cycles), and so on .

Therefore, in connection with your question, to avoid the risk of abuse, in a free forum like this, we are not authorized to explain in detail the procedures for taking the birth control pill you mentioned. To avoid dangerous risks, you should first check yourself with a doctor or obstetrician, right? After deciding whether you really are the right candidate for taking these birth control pills, your doctor will also explain immediately what the proper way to use them.

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