Night .. My dear plek becomes blood like menses and my stomach hurts .. Does this have to go straight to the igd? NIs it a positive miscarriage? Thank you

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Hello Shilla,

From your question, I can't conclude what you experienced for sure, huh. However, if you look at the conditions you mentioned, you should check with a Gynecologist as soon as possible, because if bleeding occurs during pregnancy, even though this may not be an indication of a serious condition, it must be watched out for. Some of the causes include:

Miscarriage or fetal death in less than 20 weeks in the womb. This condition must be checked as soon as possible so that you can ascertain how the condition of your pregnancy is, and whether it requires further treatment or not
In pregnancy in the first trimester, bleeding usually occurs after the implantation of a fertilized egg on the uterine wall. This bleeding is generally only a little and does not last long.
Pregnancy outside the uterus or ectopic pregnancy

placental abnormalities, such as a placenta detached from the uterine wall (abruption of the placenta), or a placenta that is abnormally located.
Infection of the vagina or reproductive organs
Hormonal disorders

My advice, don't do strenuous activities first. See your doctor as soon as possible to treat this condition. If there is a lot of bleeding, take yourself to the emergency room immediately.

I hope this helps.

Dr. Otniel Budi Krisetya

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