Fasting Tips For Diabetics?

Illustration of Fasting Tips For Diabetics?
Illustration: Fasting Tips For Diabetics?

Greetings about fasting tips for diabetics so that blood sugar remains normal and does not drop? And can you exercise like walking or running when fasting

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Fasting is not always recommended for diabetics. In diabetics who are insulin dependent or with severe kidney complications, for example, fasting can increase the risk of hypoglycemia significantly. Therefore it is important for patients with diabetes to understand the current state of the disease and know when to cancel their fast when there is an indication of hypoglycemia. Fasting is still permissible in controlled diabetes, provided that prior consultation with a doctor who understands the history of the development of your disease.

But in general if you have diabetes then you should choose foods that are slow to be absorbed by the body and have a low glycemic index, such as wheat, beans, or brown rice. Choosing the right foods can help meet the calorie needs during fasting and maintain a balanced blood sugar level. Vegetables and fruits should also remain included in the daily menu.

When canceling fasting then you should choose foods with sugar levels that are not too high, and minimize the use of oil in food processing. Consumption of water should be enough, avoid too sweet drinks, coffee and soft drinks. Heavy physical activity is not recommended during fasting because of the risk of causing hypoglycemia. Mild to moderate sports activities are still allowed. But if you are worried you should stop the exercise activities while fasting.

If you have begun to feel symptoms of hypoglycemia such as dizziness, trembling, cold sweating, or confusion then cancel fasting immediately. Then consume sweet foods and drinks as soon as possible.

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