Fear Of Marriage Commitments, Am I Gamophobic?

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, I am 21 years old and almost graduated from college at this age. I often get wedding invitations from friends. but I never came to the invitation, I just left the invitation. I have only attended that wedding only 4 times and it wasn’t long before I always went home first because I was always shaking and had difficulty breathing.

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Hello Jeje, thank you for the question for HealthReplies.com

Gamophobia is a form of specific phobia that describes excessive and irrational fear of commitment and marriage. Just like other specific phobias, gamophobia also arises because of a negative and traumatic experience in the past, for example, in your case it is the unhappiness of your own parents' marriage.

Gamophobia sufferers can experience the following symptoms:

Psychological symptoms:

excessive fear of ideas or thoughts about marriage (lifetime commitment)
tends to avoid all talk of marriage and build commitments
ideas or talks about marriage (including attending weddings) can lead to excessive anxiety that cannot be controlled, leading to dysfunction in life
This phobia sufferer understands that the fear is irrational / unreasonable, but cannot control the fear that arises
Negative thoughts or images / images of the breakdown of a relationship often come to mind, especially when exposed to the idea of ​​marriage

Physical symptoms that can appear on exposure to ideas about commitment and marriage:

nausea and vomiting
chest pain
dizziness to fainting
out of breath
a cold sweat
heart beat

Just like any other specific phobia, this phobia of commitment and marriage can also be eliminated. You can consult a psychiatrist for certain therapies that can help overcome this phobia. Psychiatrists will usually prescribe several types of therapy such as:

talk therapy, where sufferers are motivated to discuss their phobias with a psychiatrist or other trusted people
Behavioral cognitive therapy, where sufferers are led to use logic to change the way they perceive and behave about things that make them afraid
structured exposure therapy (which is done gradually / gradually increases in intensity)

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