FEATURES ARE Often Swollen If You Sit Too Long

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Symptoms of swollen feet can be caused by several health conditions such as:

deep vein thrombosis
venous insufficiency
blood clotting
impaired cardiac function
impaired kidney function
liver disfunction
Conditions of high blood viscosity can cause blood to clot more easily which can block blood flow and cause symptoms of swollen feet.
When are all these checks carried out, has it been long or recently? Examination conducted some time ago is very likely not describe your current health condition, or in other words, if the examination at that time was normal, not necessarily at this time will be normal. Therefore, if you have been experiencing this symptom for a long time, you should re-consult with your nearest internal medicine doctor so that the doctor can re-conduct further questions and answers, examine you, and perform other examinations such as blood tests, ultrasound, EKG, echocardiography, CT scan, to find the cause. After ascertaining the reason, the new doctor can determine what treatment is appropriate for your condition.

For the time being, please avoid standing or sitting for long periods. Try to position the swollen foot higher when resting for example by raising to a chair when sitting or putting a pillow under the swollen foot when sleeping, to help reduce swelling.

For the time being, please

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